Wednesday, 15 February, 2006


There are some wonderful short stories in Telugu which deal with the sensitive issue of the kind of relationship that exists or that should exist between man and woman, lovers or spouses.
Chalam wrote several stories and novels including the great shocker called "Mydanam".
Kodavatiganti Kutumba Rao wrote "ADavalasina Abaddham" in which he placed love over and above the marital relationship, which solely depends on the nuptial ceremony. The hero in it risks his marital life in his quest for true love but in the end, wins both birds at one shot.
There are some other great stories I have read about true love and understanding between wife and husband. I don't remember the names but one was written by Chaya Mallik and another one by Sannapu Reddy Venkatarami Reddy (both published in Rachana several years ago) the details of which I can provide later.
But the reason why I am writing this is the story I have read in 6-11-2005's Eenadu Adivaram magazine.
You too read the story and post your comments: The Story


cbrao said...

The problem you face, when you give link to a story in Eenadu is-the archieves are deleted after some period of time. The link to story you have given in the present article no longer exists.
Suggestion: Create .jpg of the article you are referring and post that at and give link to that. Alternatively you can upload the webpage to your geocities account. This way your archieves will always remain intact with links that will continue to remain active.

కొత్త పాళీ said...

aadavalasina abaddham is one of my all time favs among koku stories.