Sunday, 26 March, 2006

The New Year!

The 6 seasons signify successive stages in the lifecycle of Nature. Spring(vasantha rithu: Chaitra-Vaisakha months) is the first season and it is the season in which trees blossom. With the advent of spring, nature starts living a new life: it is fresh, it is green, it is new, it is youthful, it is vibrant, it is romantic. Spring is the season of fresh jasmines(navamallika-one of the 5 manmatha baanams -aravindam, ashokam, chootham, navamallika, neelotpala). It is also the season in which we can hear the pleasant voices (kalakoojithams) of singing birds. In this season, Nature is supposed to be pristine pure (mugdha/snigdha) (mugdha is an adolescent girl who can be virgin or newly wed but it is all too clear that in romantic matters she is inexperienced and is shy and is most provocative).

Next comes Summer (greeshmam: Jyeshtha-Ashadha) followed by Monsoon Season (varsha rithu: Shraavana-Bhaadrapadaalu). In this season nature is supposed to be “fairly experienced” Madhya.

Next comes Autumn (Sharadhrithu-THE SEASON OF MOONLIGHT during the months Ashveeyuja-Kaartheeka) described as the “Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness!”- (Ode to Autumn) by John Keats. Especially Kaartheeka maasam-(the 8th month in the lunar calendar which usually comes in October-November) is fondly called The vennela maasam (the month of moonlight) and Kaartheeka punnami is the night of the year. By this time Nature becomes an expert in Erotica and is known as praudha - the expert.

After Sharadh Rithu comes the Hemantha or Himavantha Rithu (the season of ice or winter) followed by the last and final Shishira Rithu by which time nature becomes old and frail waiting for the new dawn:...........


Which comes this Thursday-30th March, 2006.
(Remember: Traditionally the day starts with the dawn, not in the midnight!)

తెలుగు సంవత్సరాది 'ఉగాది' శుభాకాంక్షలు.

Wish you a Happy Ugaadhi.


The Eternally Confused... said...

Wonderful! The personification of the cycle of seasons is really a treat to the readers.

The desire that is born in the spring, gets heated up in the summer, is quenched in the coolness of the kartheekam to die a natural death in winter is the eternal feeling of LOVE... :)

Good execution... Amazingly touching...

త్రివిక్రమ్ Trivikram said...

I am jealous of you. I could not express my feelings so beautifully!


The Eternally Confused... said...

What? I just summed up your article, sir!

త్రివిక్రమ్ Trivikram said...

But summed up BEAUTIFULLY, madam!